The MTM program appeals to individuals with degrees in engineering, biology, life sciences, or other STEM disciplines, postdoctoral fellows, as well as practicing engineering and professionals from backgrounds in engineering, science, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, and healthcare business.

Candidates should be interested in learning the skills and concepts required to bring new medical technology to market and have an entrepreneurial drive to create products that directly impact human health.

Students are purposefully placed on multi-disciplinary teams to learn from each other and benefit from different academic perspectives. 





The program aims to train our students in the process of commercializing a medical solution that addresses an unmet clinical need.

Current Student Profile

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Hear it from our 2022-2023 Cohort…

Caitlin Reina Headshot

Caitlin Reina

Undergraduate Degree: Mechanical Engineering at CCNY

I chose to enroll in MTM because I wanted to learn how to utilize my engineering skills in the medical field. While I feel my undergraduate education prepared me for the workforce in general, I thought MTM would be a useful experience to prepare me for the field I want to work in.

Abdoul Razak Bouda

Undergraduate Degree: Neuroscience at CUNY Queens College

I worked in biomedical research labs and have learned about unmet needs in diseases treatment and wanted to make a change. I joined the MTM program because I would like to bring medical solutions into the community.

AbdoulRazakBouda Headshot
Ashara Mitchell Headshot

Ashara Mitchell

Undergraduate Degree: Biology at St. Francis College

I chose to enroll in MTM because I wanted to learn about engineering and use those skills, coupled with my background in biology, to make a difference in healthcare by reducing disparities.

Mahammad Camara

Undergraduate Degree: Bioengineering at Fairfield University

I chose to enroll in MTM because incorporating aspects from different schools of thought, I believe, can enhance and diversify one’s perspective on translational medicine and how it relates to various issues. Previously, I’ve had the chance to experience ideation and prototyping on a smaller scale in my past projects. MTM provides an opportunity to expand my foundation by building actual working prototypes ready for clinical trials.

Mahammad Camara Headshot
Raksa Tahsin Headshot

Raisa Tahsin

Undergraduate Degree: Biomedical Engineering at CCNY

I enrolled in MTM because I wanted to learn more about the design process, go into depth in each step. I also really wanted to learn how to apply my biomedical engineering skills within an academic setting to prepare myself before beginning my career. I knew enrolling in MTM would give me the hard and soft skills, as well as the support I need to excel in whatever I decide to pursue after graduation. 

Raydi Camilo Jimenez

Undergraduate Degree: Biomedical Engineering at CCNY

I chose to enroll in the MTM program because I wanted to enhance my skills as a biomedical engineer.

Raydi Camilo Jimenez Headshot
Youshmanie Sehmbi Headshot

Youshmanie Sehmbi

Undergraduate Degree: Applied Chemistry at The New York City College of Technology

Prior to enrolling in MTM, I had plans on attending dental school. I began to feel misaligned in my career goals and started researching other programs and opportunities. When I came across the MTM program, I felt the curriculum perfectly incorporated my many passions and interests including business, research, and healthcare. I also appreciated the focus on innovation and felt this program would help connect me to career opportunities I was previously unaware of. 

Ajeyo (AJ) Yusuf

Undergraduate Degree: Biomedical Engineering at CCNY

My career goals include wanting to build a cancer diagnostics start-up with an emphasis on accurate early-detection of major cancers, patient accessibility, and machine learning driven post detection analysis. After having done my research on the MTM program, it seemed like the perfect place for me to help realize my dreams and goals.

AJ Yusuf Headshot
Jennifer Chukwu Headshot

Jennifer Chukwu

Undergraduate Degree: Biochemistry at CCNY

I chose to enroll in MTM because this program could allow me to understand my role/place in healthcare better by learning new methods and creating new projects while working with people of various interdisciplinary backgrounds. I chose MTM because I knew this program could advance my future career aspirations in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry.

Farzana Yasmin

Undergraduate Degree: Biological Sciences at CUNY Hunter College

The intersectionality of the MTM program as well as the ability to learn and be involved in all aspects of a study from “bench to bedside” is what intrigued me. I wanted to know how to find solutions to real-world problems that plague the common people, and MTM was the perfect place to learn.

Farzana Yasmin Headshot
Muhammad Azeem Iftikhar Headshot

Muhammad Azeem Iftekar

Undergraduate Degree: Psychology/Pre-Med at CCNY

I chose to enroll in the MTM program because of my passion for medicine and technology. I have always been fascinated by how technology can shape the field of medicine, but once I read the book “Zero to One” by entrepreneur Peter Thiel, I was led to believe that being just another physician or surgeon would be closer to globalization than innovation. I realized that I wanted to be part of the solution that develops new, innovative technologies to transform the healthcare industry.

Johanna Frick

Undergraduate Degree: Biomedical Engineering at CCNY

I enrolled in MTM to enhance my engineering skills and knowledge in order to help the medical industry in the future.

Johanna Frick Headshot
Kayla Pena Headshot

Kayla Pena

Undergraduate Degree: Biomedical Engineering at CCNY

During my undergraduate degree, I really enjoyed learning the design process during my senior design project. Something about MTM that I found attractive was the Capstone Biodesign project. I wanted to learn how to take the design process further and how to create medical technology.

Jennifer Enriquez

Undergraduate Degree: Biomedical Engineering at CCNY

I really enjoyed the product development process I did in undergrad, and I have a huge interest in working in start-ups. I like being at the early stages of product development and really wanted to flesh out the skills I would need to make an impact, which MTM helps me do.

Jennifer Enriquez Headshot