From Ideation to Prototyping to Clinical Evaluation 

The BioDesign project is at the center of the MTM program. We provide our students the hands-on experience of conceptualizing, designing, building, and clinically evaluating a working prototype of a medical technology that addresses an unmet clinical need.

Alongside industry and/or clinical sponsors, our students work in multi-disciplinary teams to utilize the technical, business, clinical, and regulatory principals they learn in the core MTM curriculum. Teams are purposefully comprised of students from a variety of STEM academic backgrounds such that everyone has the chance to learn from each other’s expertise and is surrounded by a diverse group of thought and ideas.


BioDesign projects span the entire length of the one-year program. At the start of the Fall semester, teams identify an unmet clinical need, develop multiple design concepts and work with faculty and sponsors to select the concept that best addresses the need. During the Spring semester, teams build a working prototype of their technology and explore initial market response. In their final semester, teams enter the clinical setting to collect initial data and user feedback to guide refinement of their design. At the conclusion of the program, teams may explore opportunities to pursue further development of their prototype. In addition, each team evaluates the opportunity to file intellectual property surrounding their technology.

At the conclusion of each semester, teams take part in a comprehensive project review that is modeled after the Stage Gate process commonly used in the medical technology industry. During these reviews, senior faculty and administrators join industry and/or clinical sponsors to provide feedback to the teams and ensure that they remain on track to successfully complete their project. As part of the final grade, each team is required to file a comprehensive report at the conclusion of the program to document the details of their project.

Whether they want to start their own company, pursue a future in academia, or work in a medical technology or clinical environment, this distinct feature of the MTM program uniquely prepares our graduates for their next career move.